Labor & Employment

A company's most valuable resource is its employees. Strategic human resources planning, development and management and dealing with labour representatives are crucial for a company's overall performance. Employers also need to assess and avoid risks related to employment, and personnel adjustment measures while considering the legal changes constantly taking place in employment law.

Corporate and Commercial

Our professionals provide our clients with comprehensive advice on all aspects of the law of partnerships and corporations. At the stage of incorporation we assist by helping select the proper legal form and by preparing tailor-made structures for shareholdings and managerial control. Our clients rely on our legal advice in corporate governance.

International trade & Market regulations

More business owners are finding themselves affected by international trade law issues as global trade increases. We are representing clients with respect to a wide array of international trade affairs and offer a range of services on complex international and German trade litigation as well as regulatory and transactional issues.


Construction law is a highly complex area of real estate law. We assist in preparing contracts, agreements and subcontracts for established and emerging project forms and emphasizes arbitration, litigation and mediation of construction disputes. Our firm represents construction owners, contractors, subcontractors, sureties, material suppliers, design professionals and qualifying agents and offer significant experience.


A serious accident can change the course of your life in just a few seconds. The courts acknowledge this fact and award financial compensation to victims of accidents caused by the negligence of others. Victims may be entitled to compensation for lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages.


Our firm offers expertise and experience in the defense of the interests of individuals and legal entities. We identify the problems and needs of our clients, regardless of the business sector in which they operate and offer tailor made litigation strategies, including advice during the pre-litigation phase.

Crisis Advisory

When legal crises arise, immediate and appropriate response is critical. Increased regulation and corporate government investigations are likely to continue introducing sweeping changes that pose serious risks for companies and their officers and directors. From whistleblower investigations to proxy fights our firm helps companies to understand and to appropriately respond to the board, the media, shareholders and regulatory agencies.


We counsel German and foreign clients with integral advice on all matters relating to the legal protection and commercial exploitation of all types of intangible assets, in particular those subject to IP legislation such as trademarks and other distinctive signs, utility models, designations of origin and geographical indications, personal and business reputation, information and know-how with business value.

Data Protection Law

Im Rahmen der neuen Datenschutzgesetzgebung der Europäischen Union im Jahre 2018 (EU-DSGVO) und der damit verbundenen Novellierung des deutschen Datenschutzrechts übernehmen wir gern die Beratung und Vertretung von Betroffenen und Verantwortlichen bei der Einhaltung und Umsetzung der Vorschriften. Dazu gehört unter anderem die Erstellung individueller Datenschutzerklärungen sowohl für die Website als auch für Verträge. Wir unterstützen Sie aber auch bei der Erstellung von Datenschutzkonzepten, Datenschutzfolgenabschätzungen, Risikobewertungen, Löschkonzepten und Datenschutzrichtlinien.